Uncommon Heroes

Dianne Higdon, Co-Founder and COO of CommUNITY Affects has written a book called Uncommon Heroes. It is a book of inspiring stories about some of the many homeowners whose lives she has been able to be a part of helping over the past years.

All of them were in a desperate situation with the upkeep of their house with no one around to help. She was able to see first-hand what happens when community comes together.

It is such an unfortunate widespread problem where elderly and/or disabled homeowners are left alone with no one to help, yet are still expected to uphold to the city standards with their property. It is important for the neighborhoods to stay maintained, but what happens to those who have lived there most of their life and are now left alone?

Her desire is to help bring awareness for people to see how many people are without nearby family or friends to help them with the upkeep of their homes.

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