Speaking Hope


When unity is restored it sparks hope, bringing strength back to a community.





Wes Higdon is a licensed minister and speaks as an evangelist, casting vision of the power of unity in the body of Christ. He has spoken at churches around the country and across denominational lines.

Wes believes that the barriers to the Gospel are broken down when the Church functions as one body serving the community together. The mission of the church is truly fulfilled when God is glorified through the work of the churches united.

Unity does not require that we have unity of doctrine, uniformity of programming, or unity in the way we pray or worship” –Eric Swanson, To Transform A City

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Dianne Higdon speaks as an encourager to women and is gifted in connecting women to each other and to God. She has a history of working with people from all backgrounds, socio-economic statuses and cultures by ministering hope in times of need.

By sharing her personal story and experiences, Dianne is able to relay God’s love and acceptance in a way people can relate.

In her latest book, Uncommon Heroes, she shares inspiring real-life stories of how hope was restored in neighborhoods when communities work together.




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