Mission and Values



 CommUNITY Affects is a nonprofit 501c(3) organization designed to encourage, train and coach businesses, organizations, churches and cities on ways to impact their communities by uniting and coordinating efforts to develop revitalization projects.
 Our main objective is to help build unity in cities all over the country. We provide training and coaching to help make building unity a smoother and enjoyable process. Training and coaching can be one on one, small group, conference or seminar setting. The training can be as simple as face to face meeting and phone coaching or as detailed as to include proven step by step processes for a successful project.
 Wes and Dianne together have over 45 years of construction experience. They both have a heart to help and serve others and have a real passion for the elderly. Combined together, this husband & wife team bring a unique aspect to the table.
 Over a six year period, GOD has stretched them as they volunteered with the city and then a local non-profit for a couple of years. Ultimately closing our business and going on staff full time with the non-profit, continuing to help the city. And ultimately having them oversee large revitalization projects spread over three cities involving 1000 plus volunteers twice a year.



We are committed to showing you how to build unity in your community by assisting people in need to benefit your city as a whole.



To encourage, train and coach corporations, cities, churches and colleges on ways to impact their communities through the development of revitalization projects.



  • Jesus calls us to serve one another.
  •  The entire community benefits when it is unified and cares for one another.
  •  Individuals benefit from the experience of helping others, especially the less fortunate.
  • Community property values are enhanced through revitalization.
  • All people in a community deserve acceptance and the opportunity to live a quality life.
  • Through participation in projects, people often learn new skills and develop camaraderie.
  • Disenfranchised people can develop a sense of acceptance and pride.