Leadership Team



Wes & Dianne Higdon

Founders, CEO & COO 

As two of the leading experts on the art of maximizing a community’s potential, Wes & Dianne Higdon are Founders of CommUNITY Affects, a community building ministry focusing on community awareness, society enrichment, coalition development and dynamic participation strategies. As pioneers in the world of impacting communities through government, corporations, colleges and churches merging together for the improvement of a community, Wes & Dianne have seen first-hand the need for a collective participation of local entities.
Bringing a unique combination of a couple who work together as a team in maximizing the community as a whole, they have together united adjoining cities and the county in a cooperative effort of mutual goals for revitalization in the area.
Dianne’s new book, Uncommon Heroesis a book of inspiring stories about some of the many homeowners whose lives have been touched through unity over the past years. All of them were in a desperate situation with the upkeep of their house with no one around to help. She was able to see first-hand what happens when community comes together to restore hope.
Wes is a west Texas boy who learned the value of a community who worked together to keep their elderly & disabled neighbors. Dianne is a northern city girl where she also learned the value of community in the middle of a thriving region. Together they have created a method offering unique insight from their experiences in directing small to large groups in how to recognize what their involvement could be. Their reputation as passionate, no-nonsense advocates has created a buzz in some of the Fort Worth’s communities.  Driven by faith and dedication to service, Wes and Dianne believe in strengthening communities by using their voices to make that happen.



 Acra Turner

Acra is a preacher in Eureka Springs, Arkansas and preaches the Bible itself as the inspired and infallible Word of God that speaks with final authority concerning truth, morality and the proper conduct of mankind. It is important to him that all men and women are given the opportunity to understand their spiritual gifts, and have the opportunity to develop those God-given gifts that they may be a blessing to God, their family and the community. His church sits right in the middle of downtown Eureka Springs and he is highly involved in the community.



Melba Hernandez



 Richard Ross

Richard holds a BA in sociology from ENMU and is currently employed at the City of Euless Texas as Technical Specialist in the area of storm water management.  He is in on-going education in Storm Water Management and Water Conservation and is licensed in the state of Texas as Plumbing Inspector; I-1855; Code Enforcement Officer and Texas Commission Fire Inspector 1.  City government Inspection Business has been his life for 35 years and is employee of the year for 2013.  He is an active member of the Building Officials Association of Texas; Code Enforcement Association of Texas; Texas Environmental Health Association; North Texas Chapter of International Code Council; Building Professional Institute; Moderator Public Works Track and Community Powered Revitalization Committee Member.  Richard comes from a large family with 9 siblings and he and his wife enjoy 6 children and 15 grandchildren together.


Drenda Higdon

Drenda has a 33 year career as a teacher and principal in elementary and secondary schools as a Director of Elementary Education. She holds a BS Degree from TWU and a Master’s Degree from the University of Colorado.  She retired to Arkansas where she volunteers in several organizations including St. Elizabeth Catholic Church as a Liturgical and Care Ministry Coordinator and assistant to the pastor; the Society of St. Vincent De Paul as an Executive Board Member and co-chair of the Charity Program; the Community Disaster Team with duties of opening and running shelters and serving as radio dispatcher during disasters at the Command Center, serving on the Ladies’ Fire Auxiliary.  She enjoys traveling, football and golf.